EFSI Steering Board

EFSI Steering Board

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The EFSI Steering Board governs the implementation of EFSI to ensure the appropriate use of the Guarantee. In accordance with EU Regulation 2017/2396, it determines the strategic orientation of EFSI, including its risk profile, the operating policies and procedures necessary for its functioning and operations with investment platforms, national promotional banks or institutions (NPBIs).  

In determining the strategic orientation of EFSI and overseeing its implementation, the EFSI Steering Board also regularly consults relevant stakeholders, considered as strategic partners providing expert views and recommendations on EFSI matters.  

The Steering Board comprises five members, three appointed by the EU Commission, one appointed by the EIB and one expert appointed as a non-voting member by the European Parliament. The Steering Board members elect their Chairman among their voting members for a fixed term of three years, renewable once.

The decision-making process within the Steering Board is by consensus, or if that cannot be attained, by unanimous vote among its voting members.

Steering Board members

Alternate members: