Projects, public and private entities

Under the CEF DI the EIB can provide financing to:

  • projects finance structure
  • public entities such as local transport authorities
  • Corporate companies
  • Small businesses and mid-caps on the condition that the project requires financing above €7.5 million

Financial intermediaries

As an intermediary financial institution:

  • Commercial banks
  • Leasing companies
  • National promotional banks or institutions

Geographical eligibility

More about the CEF Debt Instrument

The Debt Instrument under the CEF is a risk-sharing facility managed by the EIB and builds on the successful pilot phase of the Project Bond Initiative as well as of the Loan Guarantee Instrument for TEN-T Projects. The CEF DI is a part of the wider Connecting Europe Facility programme.

The CEF DI enables the EIB to:

  • provide more investments
  • provide more flexible financing solutions
  • Finance projects with a higher risk profile
  • Do more with the EU budget
  • Attract funding from the public and private sector

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