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    We help people around the world

    live better lives.

    Our projects reduce poverty

    and protect the planet.


    We lend money

    to companies and governments

    all over the world.

    We have been doing it for more than 50 years.


    We work with international partners

    to reduce poverty

    in the poorest countries of the world.

    This is called international development.


    We invest in projects

    that protect the planet

    and its natural resources,

    so that our children can use them when they grow up.

    This is called sustainable development.


    What we want to do

    We work hard to make sure

    our projects have a positive effect.


    When you have clean water and electricity

    in your house,

    you live a better life.


    When you have a job

    and a fair salary,

    your life improves.

    You can have a better home

    and send your children to school.


    When the nature around you

    is not polluted

    and you can breathe clean air,

    your life is healthier.

    Our projects make these things possible.


    How we solve problems

    In Cambodia only 1 out of 4 people

    have clean water at home.

    So we loaned money to the government of Cambodia

    to build a treatment plant

    that brings clean water to people’s houses


    Watch how it works:



    Many women in poor countries do not have a bank account.

    If you do not have a bank account,

    you can’t borrow money from a bank

    to finance your business.

    So we created a programme to help women

    who want to open a bank account

    and borrow money.


    Watch how it works:


    Our goals

    Climate and environment

    Earth’s climate has been changing more quickly

    over the past few years

    because of humans.


    Factories and cars burn fuel

    that produces gases.

    These gases block heat from the sun

    so that the Earth’s temperature increases.

    This is called the greenhouse effect.


    We work on projects

    that try to slow down the increase in temperature

    and solve this problem. 


    Renewable energy

    We finance transport

    that doesn’t pollute

    because it uses natural resources

    and clean energy.


    The wind, the sun and water

    are natural sources of renewable energy.

    They are sustainable,

    because they won’t run out

    and we don’t harm the environment

    when we use them.



    Many people who live in poor countries

    have to leave their homes

    to find a job in another country.

    This is called migration.


    We lend money to poorer countries,

    so they can create jobs

    and better conditions for their citizens.

    That means people won’t have to become migrants.


    Gender equality

    Gender equality means that women

    should have the same opportunities as men.

    We promote projects that help women study, work

    and run their own businesses.


    We invest in companies in Africa

    that help women in many different ways.

    Companies organise courses for women

    so they can learn new skills

    and get jobs as tailors, midwives or cooks.


    These companies also hire women

    to work as engineers or managers

    in power plants

    that use renewable energy.


    When women get a job,

    they can help their families

    with the money they earn

    and become more independent from their husbands.