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    The European Investment Bank is home to many specialists, from economists to engineers. We constantly seek to feed the public debate on issues such as climate change or investment needs, within Europe and beyond.

    We conduct surveys on various topics, aiming to provide thought leaders with fresh data, while bringing our expertise as an institution closer to the discussion. Here is an overview of our main surveys.

    EIB Investment Survey

    The annual EIB Group Survey on Investment and Investment Finance (EIBIS) is an EU-wide survey that gathers qualitative and quantitative information on investment activities by small and medium-sized businesses and larger corporates, their financing requirements and the difficulties they face.

    The survey covers some 12 500 firms and a wide spectrum of questions on corporate investment and investment finance. It thus provides a wealth of unique firm-level information about investment decisions and investment finance choices.

    EIBIS helps the EIB address the needs of businesses across all EU Member States, the UK and the US.

    Access all EIBIS data  

    CESEE Bank Lending Survey

    The Central Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (CESEE) Bank Lending Survey is a biannual survey covering around 15 international banking groups and 85 local subsidiaries or independent local banks. Together these make up more than 50% of banking assets in most countries.

    The survey contributes to the monitoring and understanding of cross-border banking activities, deleveraging and the drivers and constraints influencing credit growth. It complements domestic bank lending surveys by adding the value of comparability across countries and the unique feature of specifically addressing the parent/subsidiary nexus.

    Access all CESEE Survey releases