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    The European Investment Bank

    wants to stop the increase in the world’s temperature.

    The increase in temperatures is called climate change.

    It causes extreme weather.

    Sometimes it is hotter than usual.

    Sometimes it is colder.

    Often climate change causes extreme storms.


    We invest billions of euros

    in projects that protect the environment.

    The projects reduce the emission of gases

    that flow into the atmosphere.

    These gases trap the sun’s heat

    and makes the Earth get warmer.

    This is called the greenhouse effect.

    We lend money to governments,

    so that they can help their citizens

    adapt to the effects of climate change.


    We also lend to companies and governments

    for projects that slow down

    the increase in temperatures.

    The European Green Deal

    We work with other institutions

    of the European Union

    to solve the climate change problem together.

    Europe wants to stop releasing

    greenhouse gases by 2050.

    We can do this

    if we stop burning fuel.

    We can use the energy from natural resources

    like the sun, the wind and water,

    instead of fossil fuels, like gasoline and coal.

    These changes can be difficult

    and cost a lot of money.

    We want to help everyone

    make these changes

    and save humanity together.

    We call this plan the European Green Deal.

    The Paris Agreement

    In 2015 the governments of almost all the countries in the world

    met in Paris

    to decide how to solve

    the climate emergency.


    They decided to cut the emission of gases

    that make the Earth warmer.


    We follow the rules of the Paris agreement

    in everything we do.

    Our projects help people prepare

    for the effects of climate change,

    so that they can adapt their lives.

    We helped the city of Florence in Italy.

    We helped Florence avoid flooding

    by its big river, the Arno.


    We hired a consultant

    to advise the mayor’s office

    on ways to build valleys and hills

    in a park near the river.


    The park absorbs the excess water from the river

    like a sponge,

    so there are no more floods

    and people can walk in the park.


    When the temperature increases,

    glaciers melt

    and sea level rises.

    The seas and rivers can cover cities and land

    and destroy houses and crops.

    We protect forests,

    so that trees stop the soil from washing into the river.


    Climate change also makes some places too dry.

    Many plants and animals die.

    We gave money to a company in Belgium

    that protects bees against pesticides and diseases.

    Bees are important.

    They carry pollen from flower to flower

    to produce seeds and new plants.

    Dave Massey

    We help companies and governments

    cut the gases they produce.

    Coal is used in many parts of Poland to make electricity

    to run industry and power people’s homes.

    When you burn coal,

    you pollute the environment

    and the air you breathe.

    We lend millions of euros to Polish companies

    that are building wind farms and solar plants

    to make electricity from the sun and the wind.