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Private sector

Small and medium-sized enterprises (less than 250 employees) and midcap companies (up to 3 000 employees) can get growth finance or a loan from a partner financial institution.

Large corporations and midcap companies can benefit from loans to finance individual projects or research and innovation.

Public sector

Local authorities, public sector companies and other government-related entities can get loans to finance a single project, a single loan that covers a range of projects or financing for research and innovation.

Banks, national promotional banks and financial institutions

We provide loans to financial institutions that are financial intermediaries for SMEs, midcaps and local authorities. Financial intermediaries may also benefit from EIB portfolio guarantee instruments.

Funds and collective investment vehicles

We support investments in equity, hybrid or debt funds with a focused strategy addressing EU policy objectives, including infrastructure and environment.

Current information for media professionals about what the EIB does, including stories, press releases and audio-visual material.

We need your valuable input and expertise as we develop our policies and activities.

The EIB is a diverse, multi-cultural environment. Work on a broad range of activities with highly-skilled professionals. Our careers pages show you how.

Socially responsible institutional or retail investors can make a difference. Read our investor relations pages to find out how to get on board.