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    The European Investment Bank
    is the bank of the European Union.
    The European Union is a group of 27 countries in Europe.

    We lend billions of euros every year
    to businesses
    all around the world.

    Most of these businesses
    are inside the European Union.

    We also help people outside Europe
    so that they can live better lives.

    This is called development.

    Click on the link
    to read how we do it:



    Who we are

    The European Investment Bank Group
    includes the European Investment Bank
    and the European Investment Fund.

    The European Investment Fund
    works with smaller companies than
    the European Investment Bank.

    We have more than 4 000 employees.

    Our base is in Luxembourg,
    But we have other offices around the world.

    We work in 160 countries.

    What we do

    We lend money to companies
    that have ideas
    for making something new.

    We help women run their own businesses
    so that they can have the same opportunities as men.

    We lend money to small businesses
    so that they can make a profit
    and give people jobs.

    We also lend money to governments
    so that they can buy new buses and trams
    that don’t pollute the environment.

    Here is the link to our projects:


    Our goals

    One of our goals is
    to protect the environment.

    The environment is what surrounds us
    in nature and in the cities where we live.

    You can learn
    how we protect the environment
    in this link:



    We also help people solve global problems.

    A global problem is a problem that affects all of us.

    The COVID-19 crisis is a global problem
    because it affects all our lives.

    Here is the link to read about
    our investments in a COVID-19 vaccine and
    other ways we help people in the COVID -19 crisis: