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    The European Investment Bank is the lending arm of the European Union. As such, the EIB is a key part of the EU family, contributing to EU policy objectives. We strengthen the European Union’s global influence. We expand its visibility and are active in Member States and around the world. We do so by representing EU values.

    The European Investment Bank logo embodies our role as the EU bank. The logo comprises three different elements: A stylised representation of the EIB headquarters building in Luxembourg, the European Union flag and the name of the institution.

    The flag highlights the Bank's status as a member of the EU family. The distinctive shape of the Bank's main building represents the uniqueness of our role.

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    Our logos

    Vertical version

    Main version of the logo of the European Investment Bank.

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    Horizontal version

    Secondary version of the main logo to be used when space requires and for extended length (such as a long and narrow banner, or backdrop).

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    EIB Global

    This logo should be used for communication on EIB Global.

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    EIB logo user guide

    The European Investment Bank’s impact and contribution to the European Union’s mission make it vital that we are recognised as a key part of the EU family. The new EIB logo aligns our identity with institutions such as the European Commission, Council and Parliament. All these institutions share a logo inspired by their buildings and the EU flag. The straight horizontal lines of the new logo represent not just the Bank’s all-glass “East Building,” but also the horizon and the land, or stability, balance and trust. The rising grey line represents progression, dynamism and hope for the future.

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