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    EIB Global is dedicated to

    • creating financial tools and assistance for communities where life is hardest
    • supporting women in participating equally in society and business
    • supporting peace, security and sustainable living
    • climate action and economic resilience
    • innovative development finance

    EIB Global brings all the resources of the European Investment Bank to bear on its operations outside the European Union with a structure designed to foster strong, focused partnership with Team Europe.

    EIB Global works through efficient cooperation with our partners and beneficiaries, with development finance institutions, and civil society. The bottom line: increased impact from our financing. 

    EIB Global brings the Bank closer to local people, companies and institutions. See the list of our offices across the world

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    Financing across the globe

    Our key investments around the world help create stability, sustainable growth and fight climate change everywhere.

    In 2022, we invested €10.8 billion beyond the European Union. 

    The current crises require that these billions turn into trillions this decade by working with new partners, global financial institutions and the private sector.

    We improve lives worldwide

    We invest massive resources each year in Southern NeighbourhoodEastern NeighbourhoodEnlargement countriesAfricaPacific countries, Americas and the Caribbean, and Asia.

    Since 2021, most of our operations outside the European Union have been backed by the NDICI - Global Europe, the EU’s main financing tool to contribute to eradicating poverty and promoting sustainable development, prosperity, peace and stability.

    Our impact

    We work hard on the ground to ensure that our investments have a major impact. We fight deforestation and climate change. We create good jobs in rural areas and improve journey times on sustainable urban transport. We provide clean energy, clean water and sanitation. In 2022, we invested in projects across the world that will result in


    more than 25.4

    with safer drinking water 


    some 8.5

    powered by electricity from our projects 


    about 150.4

    benefitting from improved health services, including COVID-19 vaccine


    more than 5.3


    sustained in small businesses and mid-cap firms

    Global solutions

    Only 3% of the almost 8 billion vaccine doses given globally have been administered in Africa, and only around 8% of Africans are fully vaccinated, compared with more than 60% in many high-income countries.

    A ground-breaking global initiative to ease the health and economic impact of the pandemic means that poor countries will get access to COVID-19 vaccine in Africa


    More solutions for COVID-19

    Low-income countries are the most vulnerable to physical risks stemming from climate change.  The most-exposed regions include sub-Saharan Africa, particularly the Sahel; South and Southeast Asian economies, particularly those with a high dependence on agriculture and low-lying coastal areas; and small-island nations in the Caribbean and Pacific.

    In 2021, our climate action and environmental sustainability financing beyond the EU reached €2.7 billion, accounting for 43% of our total financing in these regions. As the EU climate bank, we are committed to devote 50% of our lending to climate action by 2025.


    More solutions for climate and the environment

    Women are overrepresented among the world’s unbanked. About 980 million women have no account, 56% of unbanked adults globally.

    Sheinvest is an EIB initiative to mobilise €2 billion of investment for better access to finance for African women.


    More solutions for gender and inclusion

    Small and medium businesses form the backbone of economies across the globe. However, one of the biggest constraints on their growth is the lack of access to finance: 23.7% of sub-Saharan Africa’s firms listed access to finance as their biggest obstacle, which is the highest rate among developing economies.

    Supporting small entrepreneurs across Africa is at the heart of the EIB's contribution to the Team Europe Global Response to COVID-19. Our partnership with microfinance institution Kafo Jiginew in Mali, will improve access to finance to 90,000 smallholders to expand their activity. 


    More solutions for small businesses and microfinance

    Global stories to watch

    Individual stories speak far louder than figures and charts.
    Discover how our work improves lives across the world.

    Our goals

    We emphasise areas critical to sustainable development.

    Read about the EIB’s contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

    Climate action

    We dedicate at least 35% of our loans in low- and middle-income countries to projects that have a climate action component

    That’s a major contribution to these sustainable development goals:

    Climate action

    Find out how we tackle climate change  

    Resilient infrastructure

    We build transport infrastructure, energy efficiency and renewable energy infrastructure, and social and urban infrastructure.

    A commitment to these sustainable development goals:

    Resilient infrastructure

    Economic resilience, growth and jobs

    Our Economic Resilience Initiative and our migration package for Africa, Caribbean and the Pacific support the countries of origin, transit and destination of migrants from North Africa, the Middle East, the Western Balkans and Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Our programmes advance these sustainable development goals:

    Economic resilience

    Gender equality

    Equality and women’s economic empowerment drive inclusive and sustainable development. 
    We invest in women’s entrepreneurship. We work to promote gender equality and protect the rights of women.

    Our projects reinforce these sustainable development goals:

    Gender equality

    Health and response to the COVID-19 pandemic

    We help reduce healthcare inequalities by increasing our financing for urgent healthcare investment and private sector support. We support equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines.

    That’s a major contribution to these sustainable development goals:

    Climate action

    Read more about our COVID-19 response  

    In the spotlight

    Meet the people behind our projects.

    "EIB Global is the natural evolution of our long-standing commitment outside the European Union. By creating a dedicated arm, we will be able to better focus on projects that a have strong impact locally."

    • Werner Hoyer, President of the EIB

    Our financing and advisory tools

    Innovative finance and expertise for people, planet and prosperity

    Financial products  

    Loans, guarantees, equity investments for clients of all sizes

    Advisory services  

    Technical and financial expertise for our clients

    Donor partnerships  

    A lasting impact in developing countries


    How our projects tackle global challenges