Advisory services

The EIB offers a large range of advisory services that embrace all stages of the project cycle and beyond, to make investment projects happen inside and outside the European Union.


Comprehensive knowledge

Our experts have a unique technical and financial expertise developed over more than a decade in a broad range of sectors and policy areas.


Market intelligence

We understand market needs, gaps and failures from both a project financing and an EU-policy perspective.



Our clients can count on an efficient and a flexible delivery model, which can mobilise EIB experts, local partners and external consultants on the ground.


Trusted partner

The EIB is a neutral and trusted partner, responding to the specific needs of its beneficiaries looking for independent support and advice. 

We offer strategic support to help promoters and beneficiaries inside and outside the European Union realise their projects.

We can help clients define the parameters and specific needs of a sector, a region or a specific investment programme. 

The EIB advisory services offers support preparing, structuring and implementing projects that are then funded by the European Investment Bank or by other financiers. 


Lending to clients of all sizes to support sustainable growth and job creation


Through our investments in equity and funds we stimulate and catalyse private capital


Covering risks of large and small projects, as well as loan portfolios

Advisory services  

Technical and financial expertise for our clients