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    PASSA – Project Advisory Support Service Agreement

    We make strategic EU-funded projects happen. Our experts, local partners and external consultants on the ground provide technical assistance to boost public sector investments.

    24 May 2024

    PASSA helps projects funded by the European Union and its objective is to accelerate project execution and speed up EU structural and investment funds absorption.

    Our Project Advisory Support Service Agreements are flexible instruments offering tailor-made advisory to project teams and local administrations responsible for public sector investments.

    Our tailor made services

    Our experts and consultants deliver advisory services that focus on strategic infrastructure projects and public procurement systems.

    We provide hands-on support during all phases of project delivery, and where needed during project preparation. At all times, we work closely with the local teams and authorities to ensure knowledge transfer to the local staff.

    • guidelines on eligibility, sectoral guidance, checklists
    • instructions
    • legal and technical expert opinions
    • project technical evaluations
    • training and capacity building
    • risk analysis
    • internal control framework
    • ex-ante control in public procurement
    • support in setting up new institutions
    • structuring and supporting Project Implementation Units
    • reviewing and drafting tender documentation
    • advising during the tendering process, contract management, support during take-over of infrastructure

    Cost transparency

    The client pays for our advisory services from either the EU funds’ technical assistance envelope or from the project cost. Our services are then neutral to the Member State’s budget. Our advisory services also complement our structural programme loans.

    Who is eligible

    Public sector
    • EU Member States
    • Government organisations
    • Public corporations
    • Financial institutions
    • Regional, local and municipal authorities
    Private sector
    • Private entities planning to develop and implement infrastructure investments

    How to apply

    If you wish to get in touch with us, contact We will assess your needs and make a tailored proposal.

    Featured projects

    Browse our interactive map to find out more about projects supported through PASSA in Bulgaria and Romania.