Response to the Complainants

Response to the Complainants

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After reception of all comments and repeated consultations if necessary, the EIB-CM will produce a final Conclusions Report which will be sent to the Directors General concerned. They will have 10 working days to provide the Inspector General with a formal Services Response.

These are sent to the Management Committee which will respond within 10 working days.

Following this, the Inspector General may request EIB-CM to review its Conclusions Report.

The Conclusions Report will then be signed by the Head of EIB-CM and by the relevant Complaints Officer.

Subsequently, the EIB Inspector will resubmit the EIB-CM Conclusions Report and the Services Response if any, to the Management Committee for decision. This submission will be for information only if there is no disagreement with the relevant EIB departments.

The Management Committee will decide whether the Services Response should be attached to the Conclusions Report (without prejudice to the provisions of the EIB's Transparency Policy).

The final response to the complainant is provided by letter from the EIB’s Secretary General, who will communicate the final EIB position and forward the CM Conclusions Report. The Services Response may be attached in line with the Management Committee decision.