Venture debt

We offer a long-term venture debt product to address the unique funding needs of fast growing innovative companies. The financing structure includes bullet repayment and remuneration linked to the equity risk of the investees and complements existing venture capital financing.


Non-dilutive funding

The financing does not dilute the founders’ ownership stake, keeping motivation high, while complementing the equity capital.


Bespoke financing

Loans can be secured or unsecured and provide different levels of subordination (including contingent/participating loans).


Hands-off approach

The EIB assumes no direct involvement in daily management.


Signalling effect

The EIB’s financing is often seen as a quality stamp, helping the project attract additional investors.

Who is eligible

  • SMEs and mid-caps

What is eligible

Investments in research & development (purchase or renovation of assets, increasing working capital, etc) which are undertaken over a period of up to 3 years. Minimum commitment of €7.5 million, covering a maximum of 50% of the total investment costs. Companies must be able to demonstrate sound corporate governance, viable business plans, and sustainable capital structures. The investments must target EIB priorities (especially Innovation and Skills).

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