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    Investments in SME and mid-cap funds

    Investments in debt and equity funds focused on private sector development and/or pursuing social impact goals mainly outside the EU. We also engage in equity and hybrid debt co-investments with top ranked funds and investment partners.

    The European Investment Fund, part of the EIB Group, invests in venture capital and private equity funds that support high-growth and innovative small businesses in Europe.


    Sizeable investments

    Investments representing 10% to 20% of the fund size, with a maximum of 25%.


    Flexible tenors

    Tenors that reflect the fund’s life – normally 10-12 years.


    Hands-off approach

    Investment decisions delegated to the fund manager.


    Access larger projects

    Co-investments in projects or portfolio companies allow smaller funds to get involved in bigger projects.


    Signalling effect

    Support from the EIB is often seen by private investors as a seal of approval, thereby catalyzing additional funding and multiplying our impact.


    Attainable capital

    Available for novice or experienced investment teams, in all EIB regions of activity.

    Who is eligible

    Private funds and captive funds or investment platforms sponsored by national promotional banks and institutions:

    • Growth capital funds
    • Venture capital funds
    • Microfinance funds
    • Social impact funds
    • Selective or granular debt funds

    What is eligible

    Our investment size can range from between €5 and €100 million. The EIB shall not hold the largest commitment in a fund and will not invest in open-ended (evergreen) funds. The EIB can also co-invest in investee companies provided that these are financed and managed by the fund the EIB has invested in. The EIB targets returns in line with market standards, through cash or capitalised interest, profit participation, equity kickers or alternative participating mechanisms.

    Find information on pricing, geographical availability and other terms

    Financing options

    • Equity or debt funds (incl. mezzanine funds) supporting SMEs and mid-caps
    • Captive funds or investment platforms sponsored by National Promotional Banks/Institutions
    • Co-financing
    • Microfinance
    • Co-investments

    Africa, Caribbean & Pacific

    For SMEs, microfinance institutions and mid-cap companies, the EIB puts equity investment to work through private equity funds

    Our funds in Africa, Caribbean & Pacific 

    Southern Neighbourhood

    We offer private equity operations, including seed capital, for example investments in fund structures and microfinance institutions

    Our funds in the Southern Neighbourhood 


    Lending to clients of all sizes to support sustainable growth and job creation


    Through our investments in equity and funds we stimulate and catalyse private capital


    Covering risks of large and small projects, as well as loan portfolios

    Advisory services  

    Technical and financial expertise for our clients