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    The EIB Group, through the European Investment Fund (EIF), is a longstanding investor in venture capital and private equity funds across Europe. We also selectively co-invest alongside some of these funds to target highly innovative companies in the life sciences, information and communications technology (ICT), infrastructure and renewable energy, as well as industrial technology sectors. Such companies can be both in their early stages and in their expansion and internationalisation phase.

    By making direct co-investments into some of Europe’s best start-ups and scale-ups, we can magnify our impact on core EU priorities like Climate and Deep tech, to help those businesses realise their full potential. We always do so in partnership with top ranked funds and investment partners backed by the EIF.

    Today, our co-investment activity is structured as follows:

    Artificial Intelligence EIB-EIF Co-Investment Facility

    The AI Co-Investment Facility is a €150 million  pool of capital to be deployed in equity co-investments in businesses active in the field of artificial intelligence. Find more information and apply here.

    National Promotional Institutions (NPIs) co-investments

    The EIB and European NPIs and/or banks operate dedicated co-investment financing programmes to support the growth of national small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and mid-caps. These programmes are available in specific EU Member States.

    Corporate venture funds co-investments

    The EIB and its partners from corporate venture and investment funds operate co-investment schemes in life sciences and ICT/industrial technology, such as biotechnologies or cybersecurity.

    Infrastructure and climate-focused fund co-investments

    The EIB co-invests in select opportunities alongside fund managers backed by the EIF under its Climate and Infrastructure Fund window.

    Cleantech Co-Investment Facility (expected in 2024)

    The Cleantech Co-Investment Facility is a €200 million pool of capital targeting equity co-investments into European SMEs and Mid-Caps innovating in cleantech to promote climate action and environmental sustainability.

    EIB Group and venture capital

    The EIB Group today is already firmly established as a leading player in the European venture capital landscape, supporting a wide range of venture capital/private equity and mezzanine fund managers through the EIF. In addition, the EIB Group, supported by the European Commission’s InvestEU programme, is the leading provider of venture debt, quasi-equity and other types of structured risk capital to support innovative, high-growing and young companies in Europe across a range of sectors.