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    The European Investment Bank, the EU bank, is the lending arm of the European Union. We are the biggest multilateral financial institution in the world and one of the largest providers of climate finance.

    We support projects that promote the priorities and objectives of the European Union.

    Our activities focus on the following areas

    We take action to address the climate and environment emergency.

    We are committed to breaking down investment barriers and helping the EU take the lead in the next wave of innovation.

    We help decarbonise the energy supply while safeguarding our natural resources.

    We support projects that make life in urban areas more sustainable.

    We push for a balanced territorial development that leaves no one behind.

    All the projects we finance must be bankable. But they also must comply with high technical, environmental and social standards.

    The combined expertise of our economists, engineers, financial analysts and climate specialists ensures the success of our projects. In turn, the stamp of approval from our specialists triggers more investment from the private sector.

    EIB Global

    For more than 50 years, the EIB has been the European Union’s international development bank. Our key investments across the world help create stability, promote sustainable growth and fight climate change everywhere.

    Our initiatives

    We also invest in initiatives that create links between people, businesses and economies. The initiatives we support aim at addressing the challenges and risks of our changing world, and are concrete evidence of the EU’s importance to lives and businesses in Europe and beyond.

    We have mobilised all possible resources to counter both the economic fallout of the COVID-19 outbreak and the disease itself.

    We build economic resilience for the EU’s Southern Neighbourhood and the Western Balkans.

    We embrace the potential of a circular economy and support the public and private sector in their circular transition.

    We ensure the projects we finance protect all parts of our communities.

    We support a sustainable blue economy and initiatives to protect our oceans.