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    Headquarters and history

    Founded in Brussels in 1958, the EIB moved to Luxembourg in 1968. Explore our history and find out more about our buildings


    Facts and figures

    The EIB Group has a strong focus on impact. Find an assessment of the macroeconomic contribution of its activities in Europe and key statutory figures


    What we offer

    We offer loans, guarantees, equity investments and advisory services. Read more about our financial products


    Where we work

    We work in over 160 countries, inside the EU and beyond. Explore our projects


    European Investment Fund

    The EIF specialises in small and medium enterprises and venture capital investment. Discover how we support small businesses and mid-caps

    Our people

    The EIB now has more than 4 000 staff members, both in Luxembourg and in external offices. Find out more about working with us



    We are the biggest multilateral financial institution in the world and one of the largest providers of climate finance. We support projects that promote the EU's objectives. Read about our priorities



    We aim to address the challenges and risks of our changing world, from public health emergencies to gender inequality. Discover our initiatives


    Tackling global challenges

    We believe that the need for multilateral action and effective support of development and growth outside Europe has never been greater. Find out how the EIB and its partners work together

    Funding the EIB

    Each Member State’s share in the Bank’s capital is based on its economic weight within the EU at the time of its accession. Find a breakdown of EIB capital


    Our resources

    The EIB is financially autonomous and raises money by issuing bonds on the capital markets. Our excellent credit rating means we raise money at good rates. Find out more about our resources and green bonds


    Our clients

    We lend to the public and private sectors. We support small companies through local banks while mid-caps can receive direct support for research and development investments. Explore the Bank's products and services