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    We are dedicated to safeguarding the safety and well-being of Europe through the provision of funding for projects related to security and defence at a time of war on the European continent. This is why we have introduced the Strategic European Security Initiative (SESI), aimed at mobilising investment in technology and security infrastructure in Europe, thus bolstering overall security efforts. 

    SESI: Our support to the EU’s security and defence agenda 

    In 2022, the EIB launched the Strategic European Security Initiative (SESI) to finance up to €6 billion for eligible dual-use research, development, and innovation (RDI) projects, civilian security infrastructure, and cutting-edge technology projects. The initiative builds upon the predecessor initiative and addresses security challenges, including cybersecurity and emerging technologies in the New Space industry, artificial intelligence, and quantum technologies. 

    In June 2023, the EIB's Board of Directors decided to increase its financing for security and defence up to €8 billion due to the new geopolitical environment and rising financing needs in the sector. The EIB has approved both more financing and a broader range of support for security and defence, while maintaining its restrictions on financing weapons, ammunition, and core military and police infrastructure. 

    In April 2024, EU Finance Ministers welcomed the EIB Group Security and Defence Industry Action Plan presented by President Calviño to update the definition of dual-use projects and extend EIB credit lines to small and medium-sized enterprises and innovative startups in security and defence. A Task Force and 'one-stop shop' will streamline processes to speed up investments and access to the €6 billion earmarked for the sector.

    What is dual-use?

    Dual-use products, services and technologies can be used for both civilian and military purposes. The projects we support require that most of their expected future revenue comes from civilian applications.

    By the numbers

    Our financing for security and defence projects

    €742 million

    Approved projects
    in 2023

    €2.2 billion

    Approved projects
    in 2022 - 2023

    €8 billion

    Financing available
    from 2022 - 2027

    Eligible activities

    We invest in a safe and secure Europe by supporting areas such as:
    dual-use research, development and innovation (RDI)

    We finance research, development, and innovation with both civilian and potential military applications, known as dual-use RDI. This includes support for sectors like space, aeronautics, and others where civilian and military technologies converge.
    When supporting such projects, the EIB requires that most future revenue will come from civilian applications that benefit European society and the economy.   


    The cybersecurity sector plays a crucial role in safeguarding businesses and governments against increasingly advanced digital attacks. Recognising how central cybersecurity is to Europe's security and prosperity, the EU has made it a strategic priority. 
    We support European cybersecurity companies and help them to overcome challenges in growing and scaling their businesses. 

    civilian security infrastructure

    We support investments in civilian security infrastructure, including land, water and air transportation systems and communication networks, as well as projects aimed at protecting infrastructure against physical and cyber threats.  

    military mobility

    The EIB is committed to financing transport infrastructure across and beyond the EU. We stand ready to support military mobility projects that are essential for a rapid response in times of crisis and to strengthen the EU's ability to support allies during conflicts.
    These projects enhance Europe's ability to deter threats, defend its interests and promote global security.  

    green security

    Military operations have traditionally relied heavily on fossil fuels. As the EU's climate bank, we can finance renewable energy and energy efficiency projects implemented by defence bodies as long as they provide benefits to the public in addition to military purposes.
    While enhancing security, these clean energy projects also support the transition to renewable energy sources and the net-zero targets. 

    Critical Infrastructure

    Critical infrastructure like power and transit systems are vital for society to function. Disrupting them threatens EU security and citizens.
    We finance projects enhancing infrastructure protection and resilience, investing in safeguarding infrastructure from threats, minimising disruption impacts, and improving emergency response.  


    The European space industry drives innovation and competitiveness. As the biggest financier of this sector, we support both established operators launching new initiatives and up-and-coming companies scaling up.
    By financing Europe's space programs, we catalyse cutting-edge research and development, fuel new business growth, and generate high-skilled jobs. 

    Featured projects



    Better satellite connectivity in Europe, Africa, Middle East

    We provided a €300m loan to SES, a satellite operator, to procure three satellites that will deliver advanced broadcast and broadband services in Western Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The satellites will deliver broadband connectivity and video services to 176 million households in Europe and provide connectivity to governments in the Middle East and Africa.

      Activity: Space industry
      Loan amount: €300 million

      Read the press release

    Leonardo S.p.a. and subsidiaries 2020


    Leonardo’s breakthrough tech tackles today’s most pressing challenges

    Leonardo, an Italian high-tech company, is tackling some of today’s most pressing challenges with its breakthrough technology. We are supporting their research, development and innovation in several areas, including helicopters, security, IT infrastructure, commercial electronics, space and Leonardo Labs, a network of research and development laboratories.

      Activity: Dual-use research, development and innovation
      Loan amount: €260 million

      Read the press release


    Access to energy-efficient housing for military personnel

    We signed a €484 million financing contract for the Cegelog project, which aims to renovate and construct housing across France for military and civilian personnel and their families. The project will increase the number of homes available from 8 000 to 15 000 units and improve access to affordable housing. The renovated and new units will be modern, energy-efficient, and meet high-quality standards.  

      Activity:  Green security
      Loan amount: €484 million

      Read the press release



    Siren: Developing intelligence capabilities for cybersecurity

    We supported investigative intelligence firm Siren. The company provides advanced intelligence solutions to law enforcement agencies and organisations fighting crime. The platform helps investigators search, organise results and create reports visually. Our support will enhance Siren's cyber threat intelligence, operational monitoring, anti-financial crime and law enforcement capabilities. 

      Activity:  Cybersecurity
      Loan amount: €12 million

      Read the press release

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    We work with public and private sector partners to support European defence and security projects.

    We provide advisory support and a broad range of financial instruments such as:

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