National promotional banks and institutions

National promotional banks and institutions

National promotional banks and institutions

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National promotional banks and institutions (NPBIs) are legal entities carrying out financial, development and promotional activities on a professional basis which are given a mandate by a Member State at central, regional or local level.

National promotional banks act as financial intermediaries for EIB Group investments directed to small-scale projects. They channel our loans to businesses and local authorities in their home countries and collaborate with the European Investment Fund (EIF) in the implementation of its guarantee or equity mandates.

The roll-out of the Investment Plan for Europe has further enhanced the cooperation between promotional banks and the EIB Group. Out of all transactions approved under EFSI in its first two years, more than 25% are expected to involve cooperation with national promotional banks.

How do we cooperate?

Operational cooperation

As the EU bank, we rely on national promotional banks across the European Union in a number of areas. Considering their knowledge and access to local markets, promotional banks are crucial for achieving maximum reach and economic impact, especially in supporting small businesses.

Promotional banks also act as co-financiers or co-investors, either for individual schemes, investment platforms or investment vehicles. They make sure important projects that face difficulties in getting financing come to life.

Institutional cooperation

The EIB works together with national promotional banks on various international forums and through different organisations.

The NPB Task Force is the main forum for information and experience sharing. Established by the EIB in 2014, the Task Force has mainly supported the Investment Plan for Europe.

On 18 July 2019, the EIB along with five European national promotional banks and institutions launched the Joint Initiative on Circular Economy to support the development and implementation of circular economy projects and programmes in the European Union. This partnership will target at least EUR 10 billion of investments over the period 2019 – 2023. Its aim is to prevent and eliminate waste, increase resource efficiency and foster innovation by promoting circularity in all sectors of the economy.

The EIB also works together with national promotional banks via numerous European or international clubs and associations:

On request, we also cooperate with the following:

Moreover, the EIB is in regular conversation with the largest European promotional banks discussing major political and economic challenges. These topics include climate finance, migration or regulatory issues.

The EIB is also involved in institutional dialogue with national promotional banks on bilateral basis, providing more in-depth exchanges of experiences on particular topics, including secondments of staff.


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