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    The EIB has a zero tolerance policy against fraud, corruption, collusion, coercion, obstruction, money laundering and terrorist financing (together “Prohibited Conduct” as defined in the EIB Anti-Fraud Policy) in relation to its activities and projects.

    Exclusion Policy

    The EIB’s Exclusion Policy sets out the policy and procedures for the exclusion of entities and individuals found to have engaged in Prohibited Conduct from EIB-financed projects and other EIB-related activities for a certain period of time. It enforces the prohibitions contained in the EIB’s Anti-Fraud Policy and, in doing so, contributes to safeguarding the financial interests, the integrity and reputation of the Bank and the activities it finances.

    Proceedings instigated under this Exclusion Policy follow a three-stage review process to determine whether the evidence presented convincingly supports the conclusion that an entity or individual engaged in Prohibited Conduct.

    The processing of personal data by the EIB is governed by Regulation (EU) N°2018/1725. Detailed information is provided in the Privacy Statement for the EIB’s Exclusion Policy.

    Entities subject to an exclusion decision

    The following entities are currently publicly subject to an EIB exclusion decision:

    NameCountry of incorporationNature of decisionValid fromValid untilType of proceedings
    Shenzhen Clou Electronics Co., Ltd China Exclusion for a period of four (4) years with conditional release after two (2) years 23.07.2021 22.07.2025 Discretionary proceedings
    Henan Electric Power Transmission and Transformation Construction Co., Ltd China Exclusion for a period of four (4) years with conditional release after two (2) years 14.03.2022 13.03.2026 Discretionary proceedings

    Settlement agreements

    The EIB Exclusion Policy includes a provision which allows the EIB to enter into negotiated settlements with individuals or entities that have engaged in Prohibited Conduct.

    The list below contains historical settlements, agreed by the EIB and the respective parties: