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    Climate action defines our core mission as the EU’s climate bank. The EIB, the world’s biggest multilateral financial institution and one of the largest providers of climate finance, plays a leading role in mobilising the finance needed to keep global warming below 2˚C.

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    In our effort to achieve this target, we place the human parameter at the centre of economic investment, so it is valuable to have an assessment of public opinion towards climate change.

    Since 2018, we have been organising large-scale climate surveys across Europe, China, the US, India and Japan. The aim is to inform the broader debate on citizens’ attitudes and expectations in terms of climate action across the globe. In 2022, we have also been polling ten countries in Africa and the Middle East in order to get a more complete overview of public opinions around the world. For the first time in 2023, 13 countries Latin America have been polled to shed light on public opinions in another highly affected region.

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