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    Guarantees in support of SMEs, mid-caps and other objectives

    The EIB guarantees unlock additional financing for small- and medium-sized enterprises or mid-caps by covering a portion of possible losses from a portfolio of loans.  The European Investment Fund, part of the EIB Group, also provides guarantees for SME portfolios.

    Extended credit limits

    Alleviation of internal limits to extend lending (e.g. due to concentration issues by sector or borrower).


    Risk mitigation

    Credit risk protection and possible reduction of the portfolio’s economic capital allocation.


    Flexible tenors

    Tenor of the guarantee linked to the maturity profile of the underlying exposure.


    Bespoke financing

    Funded or unfunded guarantee structures can both be considered.

    Who is eligible

    • Commercial banks
    • National promotional banks and institutions
    • Other financial institutions

    What is eligible

    The Bank can share risk on assets aligned with one or more EIB priorities. Those assets can be either:

    • Pre-existent, where the guarantee comes with the obligation to create a new portfolio of loans at a pre-defined volume or (a de-linked structure)
    • To be created during an agreed ramp-up period (usually two to three years) or until the portfolio reaches a pre-defined volume (a linked structure).

    Replenishment of existing portfolio may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Reimbursement for a fixed percentage of incurred losses typically amounts to a maximum of 50%.

    Find information on pricing, geographical availability and other terms. Depending on the project, it may also qualify for support under our mandates or third party resources.

    Financing options

    • Risk-sharing guarantees (linked and de-linked)
    • Supply chain (reverse factoring) guarantees
    • Trade finance guarantees
    • Microfinance

    Project cycle

    A project financed by EIB typically goes through seven major stages: proposal, appraisal, approval, signature, disbursement, monitoring/reporting and repayment.