Public consultations

The EIB organises formal public consultations on relevant corporate and key sectoral policies, which are typically of interest to wider stakeholder communities. The objectives of public consultations are in particular:

  • To benefit from the expertise of a wide range of individuals and organisations and receive valuable inputs into policy development;
  • To reinforce the transparency and accountability of the EIB.


Read more about the Bank’s public consultations here.

Stakeholder dialogue

The Bank regularly invites external stakeholders to participate in informal stakeholder meetings and, as appropriate, comment on selected policy documents. Examples include the formulation of the EIB Environmental, Climate and Social Guidelines for Investments in Hydropower Development, Gender Action Plan, as well as the EIB NCJ Policy, to name just a few.

The Bank also regularly holds stakeholder engagement workshops to explain recent EIB initiatives, explore emerging issues and benefit from the feedback and ideas of civil society and the broader public on key environmental, social and governance issues. For recent examples of EIB stakeholder engagement workshops, please visit the EIB Civil Society events section.

Have your say on the EIB’s work

If you would like to stay informed about upcoming public consultations or be a part of the ongoing policy dialogue, please subscribe to our mailing list.

The Bank is also open to organising informal meetings between EIB experts and representatives from civil society organisations to discuss our work and gather outside views in support of mutual trust and benefits. If you would like to request a meeting with EIB experts, please contact the EIB Civil Society Division.