How does it work


Our activities range from preparation and implementation support, to financial structuring, impact assessment or advice on procurement and regulation. Our support increases a project’s overall impact, whether it to be to improve quality of life or to prepare for future challenges like climate change. Our expertise improves the promoter’s knowhow and allows government agencies and private companies to implement future projects effectively without outside help.

We support projects that focus on innovation, environmental and social sustainability, climate impact.


Improved impact

We provide support to ensure projects are eligible for finance and compliant with the highest technical, environmental and social standards to ensure impact on the ground.


Overcoming barriers

Our advisory services help companies address barriers to growth, such as regulations, market size and structure, sector constraints and access to finance.


Access to top experts

The combined expertise of our economists, engineers, financial analysts and climate specialists ensures the success of clients’ projects.


Building expertise

Our experts bring unique technical and financial knowledge developed over more than a decade of working in a broad range of sectors and policy areas.

What can we offer

Preparation and implementation support and support with EU grant application

Developing profitable, sustainable and well-grounded projects that are beneficial for society.

Financial structuring, access to finance support

Improving access to finance by advising on the use of private, public and EU funds.

Environmental, climate, social impact assessment

Providing in-depth and ad hoc support in respect of environmental and climate challenges, including adaptation and mitigation measures, or in the framework of climate resilience assessment or sustainability proofing).

Advice on procurement and regulatory issues

Procurement planning (in the form of feedback on existing technical issues identified in a review of existing documents, such as tender documentation, drafting terms of reference).

Who is eligible

  • EU Member States and ministries
  • EU managing authorities
  • Ministries for countries outside the European Union
  • National promotional banks
  • Private sector companies (including small and medium-sized enterprises)
  • Partner organisations outside the European Union
  • Financial intermediaries and final beneficiaries

EU-funded projects

  • JASPERS focuses on large projects in cohesion regions. A project’s total cost should exceed € 50 million for environmental projects and EUR 75 million for transport or other sectors.
  • Project Advisory Support Service Agreements (PASSA) boost the implementation of EU-funded projects by combining the knowledge of EIB staff and third-party consultants.

Public-private partnerships

  • EPEC, the European PPP Expertise Centre supports the public sector across Europe in delivering better public-private partnerships (PPPs).

Research and innovation

  • InnovFin advisory support helps research and innovation projects and innovative companies secure the finance needed to reach their potential.

Urban investment

  • URBIS is a dedicated urban investment advisory platform set up to provide advisory support to urban authorities to facilitate, accelerate and unlock urban investment projects, programmes and platforms.

Energy efficiency

  • ELENA is a facility supporting local authorities in the delivery of their energy efficiency projects via a team of experts (engineers and economists) with extensive experience in the transport and energy sector.


We provide advisory services and technical assistance outside the European Union (all along the project cycle, i.e. from project preparation to project implementation) in relation to a wide range of different sectors and geographies drawing on various funding sources such as:

We also manage technical assistance programmes outside the EU aimed at building capacity of financial intermediaries, microfinance institutions and final beneficiaries with the objective to improve financial inclusion and SME banking, targeting in particular segments that traditionally have been excluded from financial services (e.g. refugees).

Southern Neighbourhood and Western Balkans

Eastern neighbourhood



Lending to clients of all sizes to support sustainable growth and job creation


Through our investments in equity and funds we stimulate and catalyse private capital


Covering risks of large and small projects, as well as loan portfolios

Advisory services  

Technical and financial expertise for our clients