How does it work


We offer sector studies that allow clients to determine specific market gaps that need to be addressed, while various funding mechanisms like financial instruments (or investment/advisory platforms) can help raise money. A detailed assessment of client needs increases potential impact, whether it be for infrastructure or efforts to mitigate climate change. The process of putting together an assessment also educates project private or public promoters on potential funding strategies to use in the future.

Overall, our assistance makes the best use of EU and public funds by fostering the creation of sound financial instruments that will allow, within specific sectors or geographies, to do more investment projects with less public money (via a multiplier and a revolving effect).

We support projects that focus on innovation, environmental and social sustainability, climate impact and circularity.


Identification of market gaps

We understand and approach market needs, gaps and failures from both a market and an EU-policy perspective.


Identification of new business opportunities

Our EIB experts, local partners and external consultants help clients analyse business opportunities and market demands.


Identification of new tools

We identify tools that can help firms develop in the market, monitor the performance of their sector and design investment strategies.


Optimal use of EU and public funds

We offer general information, practical tools and learning opportunities that guide our clients step-by-step through the practical features of EU and public funds.


Creation of tailor-made instruments

We can create financial instruments based on a combination of grants, technical assistance, loans, guarantees, equity and other mechanisms that manage risk.


Strategies are translated into investment plans

Our technical support and assistance helps our clients prepare, develop, structure and implement their investment plans.

What can we offer

Sector studies and market analysis

We help clients gain knowledge and expertise in relevant industries by analysing trends, competitors and market gaps and by exploring cutting edge and enabling technologies that provide a basis for innovation in a range of products across industrial sectors.

Financial instruments, investment and advisory platforms support

EIB Advisory provides support relating to the design, set-up, and implementation of financial instruments and investment or advisory platforms.

Who is eligible

  • European Commission
  • EU Member States and national/regional ministries
  • Managing authorities of EU Member States
  • National promotional banks
  • Private-sector companies (including small and medium-sized businesses)
  • Professional and industry networks
  • Partner organisations outside the European Union

Financial instruments

  • fi-compass is a platform on financial instruments under the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) fi-compass is provided by the European Commission in partnership with the EIB.
  • Bilateral financial instruments support is a set of tailored services provided on the basis of specific needs that can be addressed via a financial instruments, an investment or an advisory platform.

EU-funded projects

Public-private partnerships

  • EPEC, the European PPP Expertise Centre supports the public sector across Europe in delivering better public-private partnerships (PPPs).

Research and innovation

  • InnovFin advisory support helps research and innovation projects and innovative companies secure the finance needed to reach their potential.

Urban investment

  • URBIS is a dedicated urban investment advisory platform set up to provide advisory support to urban authorities to facilitate, accelerate and unlock urban investment projects, programmes and platforms.


We provide advisory services and technical assistance outside the European Union (all along the project cycle, i.e. from project preparation to project implementation) in relation to a wide range of different sectors and geographies drawing on various funding sources such as:

We also manage technical assistance programmes outside the EU aimed at building capacity of financial intermediaries, microfinance institutions and final beneficiaries with the objective to improve financial inclusion and SME banking, targeting in particular segments that traditionally have been excluded from financial services (e.g. refugees).

Southern Neighbourhood and Western Balkans

Eastern neighbourhood



Lending to clients of all sizes to support sustainable growth and job creation


Through our investments in equity and funds we stimulate and catalyse private capital


Covering risks of large and small projects, as well as loan portfolios

Advisory services  

Technical and financial expertise for our clients