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    €668 m disbursed

    Just days after the invesion, the EIB, in cooperation with the European Commission, prepared an emergency solidarity package for Ukraine. The package included €668 million in immediate assistance for the Ukrainian authorities. It was fast-tracked and fully disbursed within a month. The EIB plans further measures to support Ukraine.

    additional €4 bn credit line


    The EIB approved a €4 billion credit line complemented by the EMBRACE Advisory Platform to support EU Member States hosting people fleeing from Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine and to develop vital public infrastructure for refugees and host communities.

    1. 4 March 2022

      The EIB Board approves €668 million immediate financial support to Ukraine.

      This immediate response follows Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Read the statement expressing the EIB Group's solidarity with the Ukrainian people and strong condemnation of the Russian military invasion.

    2. 4 April 2022

      The EIB fully disburses the initial emergency solidarity package for Ukraine, within a month of its approval. The package includes €668 million in immediate assistance for the Ukrainian authorities. The EIB Institute also donates €2.5 million for humanitarian aid to help people affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

    3. 9 April 2022

      At “Stand Up For Ukraine,” a global fundraising event to support the victims of the Russian invasion, the EIB pledges an additional €4 billion to support Ukrainian war refugees in EU Member States. The new package will finance key social infrastructure, including housing, schools, hospitals and kindergartens.

    4. 18 May 2022

      The EIB Board of Directors approves a €4 billion credit line to help national authorities, cities, regions and local communities in all EU Member States address urgent investment needs and help welcome and integrate people fleeing the war against Ukraine.

      The EIB credit line follows the pledge announced by President Werner Hoyer on 9 April 2022 at “Stand Up for Ukraine”, a global campaign for pledging funds for Ukraine and its refugees. The credit line will be complemented by the EMBRACE Advisory Platform, supported by InvestEU Advisory Hub, JASPERS and fi-compass initiatives, and helping EU Member States to better address infrastructure needs.

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