Standard or Extended Procedure

Standard or Extended Procedure

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There are two types of procedure:

  1. Standard procedure applies to all complaints except for those regarding environmental and social impacts or governance aspects of EIB lending operations (types E and F below).
  2. Extended procedure applies type E and F complaints. The same as standard procedure but with a more extensive assessment/investigation process.

Complaints related to environmental and social impacts or governance aspects of financed operations/projects need particular attention. These usually raise complex issues because of the sensitivity of the relations involving project promoter, national authorities, civil society organisations and project affected people, particular attention needs to be given to the specific processes regarding this type of complaints. Therefore the applicable deadlines are always those for complex complaints (total of 140 working days after acknowledgement).

For this type of complaint, the normal inquiry process is formally structured in two phases: one assessment phase and a second one, which could be a mediation phase or an investigation phase.

Categorie of complaints

Type of complaints Standard Procedure Extended Procedure
Project related A - Access to Information
complaints E - Environmental and Social impacts of financed projects
F - Governance aspects of financed operations
P - Procurement in the context of financed projects
Type of complaints Standard procedure
Non-project related A - Access to information
complaints C - Customer and investor relation
G - Own governance
H - Human resources
R - Own procurement