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An initial compliance review and the outcome of the investigation will determine whether:

  • the complaint points to a failure to comply with EIB relevant provisions;
  • outcomes are not consistent with the desired effect of the EIB relevant provisions;
  • EIB relevant provisions are not adequate to handle the issues raised by the complaint.

The Complaints Mechanism will also consider how the EIB has ensured the promoter’s compliance with national law and other audit criteria. However, the Complaints Mechanism is not a legal enforcement mechanism.

The objective of the investigation is to allow the Complaints Mechanism to form an independent and reasoned opinion regarding the issues raised by the complaint, which shall be independent of those responsible for the activities challenged by the complainant. The outcome will be one or more of the following:

  • no maladministration found
  • problem solved during the complaints handling process
  • no further action required
  • recommendation in case of maladministration
  • suggestion of corrective actions

A Conclusions Report will be prepared and submitted by the Inspector General to the EIB Management Committee.