Admissibility check / Registration

Admissibility check / Registration

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A complaint is considered admissible if the allegations relate to a decision, action or omission by the EIB. In case of projects, this can even be when the EIB is considering offering support.

Inadmissible complaints are those:

  • concerning allegations of fraud or corruption which are dealt with by a separate Fraud Investigations Division;
  • lodged by the EIB Group’s staff regarding their relationship with the EIB Group;
  • concerning international organisations, EU bodies, national or local authorities;
  • which have already been lodged with or settled by other administrative or judicial review mechanisms (provided that they feature the same allegations and concern the same respondent);
  • from anonymous parties;
  • seeking an unfair competitive economic advantage;
  • that are excessive, repetitive, clearly frivolous or malicious in nature.

The responsibility for checking admissibility lies with the head of EIB-CM. The admissibility check is performed within 10 working days and the result is communicated to the complainant(s) at the same time of the acknowledgement of receipt. The admissibility check makes no judgement on the merits of the complaint.

Admissible complaints are registered and follow the internal complaints handling process. Complainants are informed (i) that the complaint has been registered, (ii) that an inquiry/assessment is initiated and (iii) about the date by which they may expect a response (40-140 working days).

If a complaint is not admissible, the complainants are informed of the reasons and provided with further options for addressing their concerns.