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    The European Investment Bank is the bank of the European Union. We are the biggest multilateral financial institution in the world and one of the largest providers of finance for climate action.

    Since 1958, the EIB has provided loans and expert advice for thousands of projects in over 160 countries.

    We provide economic support to sectors that contribute significantly to growth, employment, regional cohesion and environmental sustainability in Europe and beyond. Learn more about our eight core strategic priorities.

    Our activities focus on the following areas:

    We have invested over a trillion euros around the world since 1959.

    Climate and environmental sustainability

    We finance climate action and environmental sustainability projects around the world to place the economy on a path to net zero.

    Development finance

    Through EIB Global, our dedicated arm, we invest around the world to create stability, promote sustainable growth and fight climate change.

    Innovation, digital and human capital

    Our societies face challenges, such as the climate crisis, ever ageing and growing populations and dwindling resources. We help societies in their efforts to boost technological innovation and invest in their people, as a necessary solution to overcome these issues.

    Sustainable energy and natural resources

    We are a key player in developing the offshore wind sector and in establishing supply chains. We also support electricity network investments for transmission and distribution.

    Sustainable cities and regions

    We support projects that make life in urban areas more sustainable. We also promote safe, affordable, green and efficient urban transport around the world.

    Small and medium-sized enterprises

    Smaller companies are a driving force for economic development. Together with the European Investment Fund, we support businesses with a wide range of intermediated products.


    The EU cohesion policy aims to bring about prosperity among all EU Member States. Our projects seek to address inequalities in all regions by providing job and education opportunities, access to public infrastructure and services, and a healthy and sustainable environment.

    Social sustainability

    Social sustainability is fundamental in everything we do. Equality, human dignity and support for fragile and vulnerable countries are central to our mission.

    Solidarity with Ukraine

    Following Russia's unjustified attack to Ukraine, we remain committed to supporting the country for its most urgent needs and its effort to reconstruct.

    Our projects

    From a breakthrough vaccine against COVID-19 to clean energy in Poland or safer drinking water in Lesotho, the European Investment Bank finances sustainable projects that have a positive impact on people and the planet.

    We help finance large and small-scale investment projects that support EU policy objectives. 

    Our results in 2023

    In 2023, the EIB signed a total of €75.14 billion and EIF signed a total of €14.91 billion of financing. The EIB arm for global partnerships, EIB Global, signed €8.44 billion in new financing.

    Almost half of EIB lending in the European Union was signed for projects in cohesion regions. A total of €49.04 billion of EIB lending, was signed in projects supporting climate action and environmental sustainability.

    Find out about the EIB Group's 2023 key figures.


    Global investment map

    The EIB has invested in thousands of companies and projects, both across the EU and beyond, since 1959. Find out how much we invested in your country, see our financing as a percentage of a country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and filter the results by period and sector.

    Where we work

    We operate both in the EU and around the world. Our global financial operations help create growth and opportunity on all continents.


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