Chronology of the EIB: 1968-1977

Chronology of the EIB: 1968-1977

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20 September 1973

Issue of the first borrowing operation in eurco, a new borrowing unit. According to the bank, “the eurco provides investors with a new instrument for investing their savings that spreads their risk between all the currencies of the EEC according to an appropriate weighting, which should thereby offer greater stability in the value of their investments.”

1 January 1973

New Member States join EC: Denmark, Ireland, United Kingdom.

21 December 1971

Financing of the original manufacturing facilities of the Airbus A300 in Toulouse and St. Nazaire, France. The EIB has been on board every new Airbus developed since the A300.

10 September 1970

Start of the presidency of Yves Le Portz.

1 November 1968

Opening of the first external office (Rome), apart from the Brussels office.

1 January 1968

Installation of the bank in Luxembourg. The first Luxembourgish headquarters were established in the Place de Metz.