Horizontal (thematic) studies

Horizontal (thematic) studies

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The following horizontal thematic studies (or multi-country studies) have been completed and agreed with our partners:

  • Financial Management in JESSICA Implementation - Designing Guarantee Products Full report [EN]
  • Holding Fund Handbook [EN]
  • UDF Typologies and Governance Structures in the Context of JESSICA Implementation [EN]
  • Energy focused UDFs Final Report [EN]
  • Financial Instruments: A Stock-taking Exercise in Preparation for the 2014-2020 Programming Period” Study [EN]
    • Survey Analysis [EN]
  • JESSICA for Smart and Sustainable Cities Horizontal Study - Final Report [EN]
  • Delivering Smart City Projects: exploring their business cases and the role of JESSICA Urban Development Funds - Conference
  • JESSICA for Smart and Sustainable Cities - Seminar
    • JESSICA implementation mechanism & state-of-play [EN]
    • JESSICA for Smart and Sustainable Cities - Research Findings [EN]
    • JESSICA for Smart and Sustainable Cities - Defining Smart and Sustainable cities [EN]
    • Smart City Projects - The City of Malmö [EN]
    • The London Green Fund – a JESSICA Holding Fund [EN]
  • Urban Development Funds Handbook [EN]
    • Housing in JESSICA Operations [EN]
      • Executive summary and main section [EN]
      • Appendices including case studies [EN]
  • Methodologies for Assessing Social and Economic Performance in JESSICA [EN]
  • Ex ante assessment methodology: (Quick reference guide [EN])
    • Volume I: General Methodology covering all Thematic Objectives [EN]
    • Volume II: Strengthening research, technological development and innovation [EN]
    • Volume III: Enhancing the competitiveness of SME, including agriculture, micro-credit and fisheries [EN]
    • Volume IV: Supporting the shift to low-carbon economy [EN]
    • Volume V: Financial instruments for urban and territorial development [EN]
  • Strategic UDF Investing and Project Structuring – final report [EN]
    • Appendix 1: Financial Instruments Guide - Setting up and implementing Financial Instruments [EN]
    • Appendix 2a: JESSICA Library End-user guide [EN]
    • Appendix 2b: JESSICA Library [EN]
    • Appendix 3a: Project Structuring and Strategic Investing – User Manual [EN]
    • Appendix 3b: Project Structuring and Strategic Investing – Excel Tool
    • Appendix 4: Portfolio Structuring Model – Concept Paper [EN]
    • Portfolio Structuring Model [VIDEO]
    • Marketing, Communication and Knowledge Dissemination Strategies for JESSICA Operations [EN]