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    Europe Day commemorates the signing of the “Schuman Declaration” on 9 May 1950. An ambitious plan to secure long-term peace in post-war Europe that is considered the beginning of what is now the European Union. The importance of working for peace in Europe is all the more evident, as we highlight our unity and solidarity with Ukraine.

    •   Austria, 4 May: Europe - Together for Democracy, Peace and Sovereignty, organised by the European Commission and representation at the Austrian Parliament
    •   Bulgaria, 9 May: Innovation Academy - promoted the European Union and the EIB's values and provided young entrepreneurs with an opportunity to present their ideas
    •   Croatia, 9 May: A celebration on the theme of skills, with the EIB sharing a stand with the European Commission and the European Parliament
    •   Czech Republic, 5-6 May: Public event organised by the European Commission representation in Prague, part of a music festival, with the EIB
    •   Finland, 9 May: Organised by Eurooppalainen Suomi ry and EU institutions in Helsinki Oodi library, with the EIB having a stand and a slot for a panel discussion
    •   France, 13 May: Organised by the city of Paris, with the EIB having a stand and a slot for a panel discussion on European careers, and awarded the prize "Louise Weiss - EIB" for the best article on climate in Europe
    •   Germany, 5 May: Organised by the city of Potsdam, with the EIB having a stand together with the European Commission and the European Parliament representation in Germany
    •   The Netherlands, 9 May: Activities organised in The Hague by the European Commission and the European Parliament, Commune of The Hague and the EIB, included a rise of the flags, a panel discussion on 30 years of the internal market, a quiz and escape game throughout the city
    •   Poland, 9 May: Together with European Parliament liason office, the EIB participated in the event. EIB goodies were distributed during the day
    •   Slovenia, 9 May: A public event in Kongresni trg square in Ljubljana, the EIB shared a stand with the European Commission and the European Parliament and organised a quiz and musical performances
    •   Spain, 9 May: The European Commission Spanish representation organised a "Día de Europa" concert with Orquesta y Coro Juvenil Europeo de Madrid (OJEM) at Teatro Monumental. Also, the EU flag was raised at Plaza de España, with a stand to get informed about the EU and the EIB.
    •   Sweden, 9 May: The European Commission in Sweden organised a full-day event with a focus on the EU and Ukraine. The EIB also participated in seminars throughout the day.


    A day in Europe

    Buckle up and discover a normal day in Europe through different projects financed by the European Investment Bank.

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