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    Finland and the EIB

    We have worked in Finland since 1994. Through our financing, we have supported the country’s infrastructure, health, education, small businesses and innovation.

    We financed the improvement of infrastructure, including the upgrade of the national electricity transmission grid. We invested in education, health, sustainable transport and many small businesses. In recent years, hospital districts from Helsinki to Lapland received EIB loans, and we supported a 15-kilometre tramline in Tampere. Innovative technology is also a priority, as shown by our support for IQM’s quantum fabrication facility and Metsä Group’s new bioproduct mill. 

    At a glance

    The EIB provides finance and expertise for sound and sustainable investment projects in Finland.

    Last year’s EIB Group activity in Finland by priority

    (In € million, last updated at previous year end)

    EIB activity in Finland by sector since start of operations

    EIB stories in Finland

    Individual stories speak far louder than figures and charts. Discover how our work improves the quality of life in Finland and beyond.

    Get EIB support in Finland

    We improve the lives of citizens in the EU and beyond. We support small businesses, while enhancing climate action and innovation. We also focus on energy transition and urban sustainability. We create prosperity for all EU regions, so that they reach their full potential.

    The EIB economic survey of investments in Finland

    The EIB, with the help of dozens of academics, practitioners and policymakers, surveyed 12,500 firms and 500 big cities across Europe to find out what is driving or holding back investment.

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