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    The Luxembourg-EIB Climate Finance Platform (LCFP) is a joint initiative between Luxembourg and the EIB to mobilise and support investment in international climate finance, focusing on climate change mitigation and adaptation. Addressing climate change requires innovative, high-impact finance solutions. The LCFP aims to increase the impact of climate financing by mobilising private sector investment, thereby acting as a catalyst for additional financing.

    At a glance

    Contributions are making a difference towards efforts to combat climate change. 


    Our donors

    LCFP operations are financed by   Luxembourg, to date the trust fund's only donor.

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    Expected impact

    Annual energy savings of 4.5 GWh, equivalent to supplying 450,000 households with energy

    52 million tons CO2 emissions saved

    12 million hectares of sustainably managed land

    Sustainable Development Goals

    Donor-financed operations through our trust funds make a direct contribution to several of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our collective actions unlock billions of euros in investment to combat climate change, eradicate poverty and fight inequality. These are some of the global goals targeted by our trust fund.


    Donor-funded instruments

    The LCFP supports subordinated and other investments in equity and debt funds, as well as direct debt investments, including subordinated and mezzanine debt.

    To be defined


    Operations eligible for financing under the LCFP are not limited to a specific geography, but must be in line with the EIB’s climate strategy and Luxembourg's International Climate Finance Strategy for allocating funds. Find more information in our brochure on how the LCFP works, where it is already active and improving lives, and how other investors can get involved.

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