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    The EIB works with many parts of the public and private sectors to increase investment in projects that help the climate and environment.

    We give direct loans to large companies and big projects. For small projects, we offer loans or other assistance to local banks, which in turn give finance to small firms.

    Our advisory services offer a wide range of assistance to urban and regional development and many other clients who need help finding the right finance or developing a project correctly.

    For climate projects, we provide innovative finance products that cannot be found easily in the private sector, and we can provide grants and technical assistance to help projects succeed.

    Discover how we can meet your investment needs.

    Our climate and environmental sustainability financing

    Is your project eligible for green financing?

    The Green Eligibility Checker offers a simple and effective way for financial intermediary staff to assess the eligibility of their client’s small scale, standardised investment projects for EIB green financing.

    The checker supports financial intermediaries in originating, appraising and reporting on green investments financed through the EIB’s intermediated debt products.


    Key areas

    The EIB is the EU’s climate bank and one of the world’s main financiers of climate action

    Our lending is aligned with the Paris Agreement and promotes adaptation, mitigation and environmental sustainability

    Find out how the roadmap provides a framework to counter climate change and protect the environment during the critical decade ahead

    We carefully check that our projects meet our environmental and social principles and standards and conform with our corporate responsibility commitments

    Key publications

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