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    InnovFin Energy Demo Projects

    InnovFin Energy Demo Projects

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    InnovFin Energy Demonstration Projects

    InnovFin Energy Demonstration Projects provides loans, loan guarantees or equity-type financing typically between EUR 7.5 million and EUR 75 million to innovative demonstration projects in the fields of energy system transformation, including but not limited to renewable energy technologies, smart energy systems, energy storage, carbon capture and storage or carbon capture and use, helping them to bridge the gap from demonstration to commercialisation. The product is deployed directly by the EIB.


    To be eligible for InnovFin Energy Demonstration Projects funding, counterparties must comply with all of the the following criteria:


    The project should contribute to the energy transition, particularly in the fields of renewable energy technologies, smart energy systems, energy storage, and carbon capture utilisation and storage.

    It should demonstrate the commercial viability of pre-commercial technologies or services, or enhance the competiveness of manufacturing processes.


    The technologies demonstrated in the project should be innovative in relation to others in the market.

    Innovation may relate to a specific technology, processes, products or services. The innovative aspect may consist of the innovative combination or innovative application of existing technologies.

    Readiness for demonstration at scale

    Technologies shall be at pre-commercial level or early commercialisation stages (i.e. the successful operation of the technologies should facilitate their subsequent commercial deployment).

    The project/investment should be sufficiently mature for demonstration at the proposed commercial scale (technologies validated and demonstrated through previous testing) with reasonable prospects of successful demonstration.

    Prospects of bankability

    The project shall generate sufficient revenues to have the potential to become bankable.

    This requirement relates to all aspects of the project that are relevant for future project performance and loan repayment.


    Promoters, sponsors and/or operators must be willing to substantially co-fund the project.


    The project should have the potential to be replicated elsewhere with convincing market opportunities and prospects for future cost reductions. Manufacturing plants and services do not necessarily need to comply with this requirement.

    Download the InnovFin Energy Demo Project Eligibility questionnaire

    How to apply

    Find out on this page how you can benefit from the InnovFin Energy Demonstration Projects. Alternatively you may consult other EU sources of funding for Energy Research and Innovation available under the Horizon 2020 framework programme here.