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InnovFin Science

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InnovFin Science

InnovFin Science aims at supporting research and innovation (R&I) investments by public or private research institutes/organisations and universities, including the financing of buildings and other infrastructure directly related to R&I activity.

InnovFin Science is being made available directly by the EIB in the form of debt or equity-type financing from EUR 25 million.



R&I activities, R&I investments and R&I infrastructures under the Horizon 2020 programme, as well as R&I activities under the Euratom fission programme implemented by research institutes/organisations or universities are eligible to receive InnovFin Science funding.


To be eligible for financing under InnovFin Science, projects must be located in one or more EU Member States and/or in one or more of the Horizon 2020 Associated Countries.

How to apply?

Find out on this page how you can benefit from InnovFin Science.