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    The information on this page is not part of formal EIB reporting on EFSI; it should therefore be taken as provisional and unaudited. Approval of EIB projects by the EIB Board of Directors is a requirement for financing negotiations with project promoters which, if successful, lead to the financing agreements being signed. The list also includes non- active operations under EFSI. Information on operations might be commercially sensitive and therefore temporarily withheld.

    For an overview of European Investment Fund (part of the EIB Group) transactions under EFSI click here.


    EFSI financing is the tranche of an operation that benefits from the support of the European Fund for Strategic Investments. This amount will sometimes differ from the total EIB financing amount of the same operation. Signed projects are listed with the actual amounts agreed in the contract, which may differ from the amounts initially authorised by the EIB Board of Directors.

    Total investment related to EFSI refers to the total financing amount expected to be attracted for any particular EFSI project. This amount might come from public or private sources, and it includes EFSI financing provided by the Bank.

    Pre-Approvals: These are umbrella operations that have been approved under EFSI but which cannot be counted towards the EFSI objective until concrete “sub-projects” have been signed.

    Investment Platforms are a tool for pooling investment projects with a thematic or geographic focus. They can bring together co-investors, public authorities, experts, social partners and representatives of the civil society and other relevant actors. Investment platforms and operations which are included in an investment platform are marked with an * in the tables below.

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    EFSI Scoreboards for approved EIB operations can be accessed via the below list. EFSI Scoreboards are also available via a dedicated page of the EIB website. For “sub-projects” under “pre-approvals”, the EFSI Scoreboard published is that of the related "pre-approval".

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