How to report fraud or corruption

How to report fraud or corruption

The Inspectorate General receives all allegations of fraud, corruption, collusion or coercion in connection with EIB-financed projects or activities, or concerning EIB Group staff.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Inspectorate General immediately. Alternatively, allegations can be submitted to the European Anti Fraud Office - OLAF.

Allegations should be made to the Fraud Investigation Division at the EIB:

  1. via the Reporting on Fraud or corruption form
  2. by email to
  3. by letter to the Head of the Fraud Investigation Division, European Investment Bank, 100 Bd. Konrad Adenauer, L-2950 Luxembourg;
  4. by fax to + 352 4379 6 4000

These contact points should also be used to report allegations of money laundering or terrorist financing affecting EIB operations or activities.

The Bank has formulated a set of rules to govern the handling of allegations of fraud, corruption and other forms of illegal activity affecting EIB Group activities (EIB Anti Fraud Policy). Their purpose is to provide clear guidelines for dealing with allegations.

All allegations of prohibited practices, money laundering or terrorist financing may be made anonymously and will be treated by the EIB as confidential.

When contacting the Fraud Investigation Division please make the complaint as specific as possible and include

  • what alleged wrongdoing is being reported,
  • where and when (dates and times if available),
  • who is/are the perpetrators,
  • how the individual or firm committed the alleged wrongdoing, and
  • why was the activity  improper.

Include the project name, if known. If possible, provide information on available documentation to corroborate the allegations, and names of witnesses to the alleged wrongdoing. Also provide contact details in case further information or clarification is needed

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