Guide to Procurement

Guide to Procurement

  •  Release date: 29 July 2011
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The purpose of this Guide to Procurement is to inform the Promoters of a project whose contracts are financed in whole or in part by the European Investment Bank (the Bank) - or are financed under loans guaranteed by the Bank - of the arrangements to be made for procuring works, goods and services required for the project.

This Guide applies specifically to those components of a project identified for the Bank's financing. However, in order to ensure the overall feasibility of the project, the Bank requires that procurement of the other project components does not compromise the project's technical, economic and financial viability.

The Guide was updated in June 2011 in order to take into account recent developments in EU procurement regulations, incorporates new EIB policies, and reflects international best practices with the objective of harmonising the Bank’s rules with those of other International Finance Institutions.

The updated Guide (June 2011) replaces the February 2004 version, which remains available upon request at the EIB Infodesk.

  • Hard copy not available.