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    The European Investment Bank (EIB) Group contributes to Europe`s peace and security through the reinforcement of Europe`s security and defence capabilities.

    We facilitate access to finance for European businesses and innovators with projects that protect our citizens. From reconnaissance and surveillance, spectrum protection and control, to cybersecurity solutions, infrastructure and military mobility, our financing solutions are designed to bolster projects that keep Europe safe, resilient and innovative.

    Connect with our Security and Defence Office, our one-stop shop for financial support and expert assistance, to find the right solution for you.

    Our initiatives

    European Investment Bank

    Strategic European Security Initiative

    In 2022, the European Investment Bank launched the Strategic European Security Initiative (SESI) to support dual-use research development and innovation, security infrastructure, technology projects focused on cybersecurity, New Space, AI and quantum technologies. By June 2023, in response to changing geopolitical conditions and increasing demand, the EIB expanded its security and defence funding to €8 billion. 

    Read the press release

    European Investment Fund

    Defence Equity Facility

    The Defence Equity Facility provides €175 million in equity to support venture capital and private equity funds investing in European companies with dual-use technology potential. The facility aims to leverage additional investments of around €500 million to support European companies. The initiative, implemented under InvestEU, is funded by the European Investment Fund and the European Defence Fund.

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    Are you an SME or mid-cap seeking support?

    We have updated our eligibility criteria to enhance support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and innovative startups within the security and defence sector. These companies can now access our specialised financing products, including venture debt financing, dedicated credit lines and equity investments.

    Key benefits

    Flexible criteria

    We have updated our eligibility criteria to accommodate a broader spectrum of projects and technologies

    Bespoke financing

    Our financing options support a wider range of small and medium companies that are active in the security and defence sector

    Fast access

    Our Security and Defence Office brings together expertise from both the EIB and the EIF, ensuring faster access to financing and advisory services

    Contact our Security and Defence Office today to learn how your business can access the financing you need.

    Types of support

    We provide a comprehensive range of financial support and solutions designed to meet the demands of companies and public sector entities in the security and defence sector, regardless of their size. Our services include loans, guarantees, equity investments and advisory services to support research and development, infrastructure, and other critical areas. 

    Get support for your project

    If you are a European firm or innovator in the security and defence industry looking for financing, or want to learn how we can support your project, contact our Security and Defence Office.

    What is eligible

    We invest in a safe and secure Europe by supporting dual-use products, services, and technologies that benefit both civilian purposes and law enforcement or military applications, with a clear market opportunity.

    research, development and innovation (RDI)

    We finance research, development, and innovation with both civilian and potential military applications.

    This includes, among others, projects within:

    • Artificial intelligence
    • Quantum technologies
    • Biotechnologies
    • Advanced sensors
    • Advanced propulsion
    • Unmanned aerial vehicles
    • Special materials
    • Simulation and training

    The cybersecurity sector is vital for protecting businesses and governments from advanced digital attacks. We support European cybersecurity companies and help them to overcome challenges in growing and scaling their businesses.

    This includes, among others, projects within:

    • Encryption technologies
    • Threat intelligence
    • Network protection
    • Intrusion detection systems
    Critical and civilian security infrastructure

    We invest in security infrastructure and support projects that protect critical infrastructure, enhance emergency responses, and minimize disruptions to our societies. 

    This includes, among others, projects within:

    • Border control
    • Protection of critical infrastructure against physical and cyber threats
    • Resilience of communication networks 
    military mobility

    We provide finance for transport infrastructure throughout the European Union. We support military mobility projects critical for a rapid response in crisis situations. These projects enhance Europe's ability to deter threats, defend its interests and promote global security.

    This includes, among others, projects within:

    • Strategic lift capabilities
    • Logistical and supply chain management systems
    • Reinforcement of bridges
    • Upgrade of rail infrastructure
    • Advanced propulsion
    green security

    Military operations have traditionally relied heavily on fossil fuels. As the EU's climate bank, we can finance renewable energy and energy efficiency projects implemented by defence bodies. While enhancing security, these clean energy projects also support the transition to renewable energy sources and the net-zero targets.

    This includes, among others, projects within:

    • Renewable energy technologies
    • Sustainable military facilities

    The European space industry drives innovation and competitiveness. As the biggest financier of this sector, we support both established operators launching new initiatives, and enable smaller New Space companies to access risk financing and scaling-up for technological transition and commercialisation. By financing Europe's space programs, we catalyse cutting-edge research and development, fuel new business growth, and generate high-skilled jobs.

    This includes, among others, projects within:

    • Satellites
    • Launch infrastructure
    • Research, development and innnovation for space services and software
    • Space clean up solutions

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    If you're a European firm or innovator in the security and defence industry looking for financing or want to learn how we can support your ambitions, contact our Security and Defence Office.


    For media enquiries about security and defence, please contact:

    Nikos Chrysoloras

    General enquiries

    Contact our Information Desk for enquiries regarding the financing facilities, activity, organisation and objectives of the EIB

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