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    The theme of FI Campus is Financial instruments, powered by you, which reflects the importance of the experience of the growing community of practitioners who have set up and are now operating ESIF financial instruments to support investments in a diverse range of sectors including SMEs, energy efficiency, urban development and research & development.

    FI Campus is a 3-day event for all ESIF financial instruments practitioners from across the EU. It is organised by the European Commission and the European Investment Bank (EIB) and will offer a comprehensive programme, including information sessions and interactive workshops covering:

    • EC Regulatory Guidance for ESIF financial instruments, presented by European Commission experts,
    • Case studies sharing experiences of the implementation of ESIF financial instruments 2014-2020 in different Member States and regions for a number of Thematic Objectives, presented by managing authorities and other involved stakeholders,
    • Market practices, e.g. in equity or project development.

    FI Campus participants will have the opportunity to create their own individual learning curricula, choosing from parallel sessions those of their particular interest.

    There will also be ample opportunities to network and exchange experiences among the participants and invited experts.

    Up to 300 participants interested in ESIF financial instruments, in particular:

    • ESIF authorities directly involved or considering to become involved in the implementation of ESIF financial instruments, as well as
    • Bodies implementing, or considering to implement, financial instruments under ESIF programmes and financial intermediaries.

    Agenda of the conference

    The detailed FI Campus programme is available here


    Registration for FI Campus is via and the deadline for registration is Wednesday, 15 November 2017.