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    may 2024

    EIB AdVenture Debt Summit

    This year's EIB Venture Debt Summit welcomed EIB Advisory Services stakeholders, building on the success of our pre-pandemic events.

    The day-long summit brought together leading figures in venture capital and finance, as well as European Commission representatives, to discuss market trends, investment needs and challenges for innovative companies. They developed strategies to navigate the European market’s fragmentation and capitalise on opportunities, as well as learn how EIB Advisory Services empower businesses with expert financial and technical assistance.

    EIB Advisory Services is an integral part of the European Investment Bank’s value offering. It provides critical financial and technical advisory support to promising projects and companies across a range of sectors, which benefit from our expertise, client-focused approach and strong collaboration with the European Commission. Many of the companies we support go on to receive EIB funding.

    With the support of the European Commission and EU members, we have become a leading provider of growth capital in Europe, supporting highly innovative early-stage European companies at critical points in their development. We have committed a total of €6.9 billion in direct financing to more than 290 companies across Europe, leading to the creation of more than 50,000 highly skilled jobs and mobilising significant additional investments.

      Check the agenda.

    Venture debt

    We offer a long-term venture debt product to address the unique funding needs of fast growing innovative companies.

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    EIB Advisory in 2023

    The advisory arm of the European Investment Bank translates complex policy objectives into easy solutions for clients.

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    What is venture debt?

    What is venture debt? Venture debt is a loan to an early stage company that provides liquidity to the business for the period between equity funding rounds. All your questions about venture debt, answered by its pioneer at the European Investment Bank.