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    Reporting on Prohibited Conduct online

    Please use the below form to report suspected Prohibited Conduct connected to EIB Group-financed projects or activities. Before completing this form, you can find practical information on how to report Prohibited Conduct to the EIB on a dedicated page.

    In order to safeguard the interest of complainants, complaints lodged with the Investigations Division are treated confidentially unless otherwise requested by the complainant, and in accordance with the EIB Group Anti-Fraud Policy and Investigation Procedures.

    Although the EIB accepts anonymous allegations, please provide contact information so that we can clarify the information you provide and/or notify you of the outcome. In order to protect the reputations and privacy rights of all parties, and to promote due process and the fairness of investigations, it is important that the information you provide is truthful, accurate, and given in good faith.

    NOTE 1: There is a separate process for making a complaint to the EIB Complaints Mechanism involving maladministration.

    NOTE 2: Complaints may contain personal data relating to the complainant, or to a third party. The processing of personal data by the EIB is governed by Regulation (EU)1725/2018. Detailed information is provided in the EIB Group Privacy Statement for Investigations.

    Contact information

    The more specific the information you provide, the better the EIB Group is able to follow up on your allegation. Please ensure basic information is provided by including details such as

    Please provide the following additional information if possible:
    Prior contact
    ConfidentialityHow do you wish the EIB to treat your complaint?

    Match the characters in the picture. If you can't read these characters, click the image or the refresh icon to get a new picture.

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