Financial and advisory instruments

Financial and advisory instruments

FEMIP offers financial and advisory services tailored to meet the needs of project promoters in the Mediterranean partner countries. Large-scale infrastructure investments, credit for SMEs, guarantees for riskier projects, technical advice to ensure optimum project design and partnerships for new entrepreneurs are all available. Responding to the changing environment in the Mediterranean region, the EIB continues to diversify its range of instruments in order to support growth and development (see box).






Lines of credit

  • To encourage the development of MSMEs, the EIB makes lines of credit available to partner commercial banks or development financing institutions, which then on-lend the funds to their own customers locally. This enables the EIB to respond efficiently to the needs of local communities in the MPCs.
  • MSMEs

Individual loans (generally over EUR 25 million)

  • To develop the economic infrastructure of the MPCs and support larger corporate borrowers. When appraising such operations, the EIB pays particular attention to the expansion of the private sector and to the creation of a business-friendly environment (e.g. via projects to develop critical transport or energy infrastructure).
  • Private and public sector promoters

Private equity and direct equity/quasi-equity investments

  • To promote the creation or strengthening of the capital base of productive businesses, particularly those established in partnership with EU-based companies.
  • MSMEs
  • Intermediate-sized private enterprises
  • Investment funds
  • Microfinance institutions


  • To stimulate local capital markets.
  • To mobilise additional resources, supplementing scarce public capital resources.
  • To support development of sub-sovereign counterparts.
  • To reduce foreign exchange risk and government risk exposure.
  • MSMEs
  • Large corporates
  • Domestic banks
  • Public sector promoters
  • Sub-sovereigns

Advisory services

  • To improve the quality of operations and their impact on development by financing studies and activities aimed at consolidating directly and indirectly the expansion of the private sector.
  • All clients