Empowering women in one of the poorest regions

Empowering women in one of the poorest regions
Many women in Jordan, for the first time are being given the chance to successfully turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality through access to microloans. As Muna Sukhtian, managing director of Microfund for Women describes ‘Women are Amazing’.

Responding to forced displacement Together

Responding to forced displacement Together
EIB President Hoyer attended the first ever UN World Humanitarian Summit to discuss how MDBs must work together to respond to the global development challenge of forced displacement.

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The latest projects set to receive finance from the EU bank!

One minute, one project

Investing in women and a future for Jordan

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EIB’s first backing for Primary Health Care investment in Europe supports 14 schemes across Ireland

14 new Primary Health Care Centres are set to be built in Ireland following a EUR 70 million loan from the EIB. The funds will facilitate a shift from hospital based healthcare to community based care ensuring care is closer to patients and a greater range of services. The long-term loan marks the first project to be backed by a guarantee under EFSI in Ireland.


EU Finance Ministers welcome EIB progress in delivering investments for Europe

European finance ministers, meeting as the Governors of the EIB, have highlighted the importance of the Investment Plan for Europe in supporting economic growth, job creation and competitiveness across Europe and welcomed the commitment of the EIB Group in delivering on the Plan. EIB financing in 2015 catalysed private investment totalling around EUR 230 billion, with projects under Investment Plan for Europe mobilising EUR 100 billion so far.


EIB launches 2015 Activity Report

The EIB met new challenges in 2015, starting to implement the Investment Plan for Europe, building on its existing expertise to develop new approaches. Use this report to discover what the world’s biggest lender is doing and to learn what Europe’s biggest financer of innovation is thinking.


Joint Statement by MDBs at World Humanitarian Summit: Responding to the Forced Displacement Crisis

The MDBs have released a joint statement committing to working together to respond to the global forced displacement crisis and further strengthen our contributions to the development agenda, complementing ongoing humanitarian, diplomatic, security and peacekeeping efforts required to meet the needs of refugees, Internally Displaced People (IDPs), as well as their countries of origin and host countries. Read the full statement here.




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