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    The transport sector has traditionally been among the main recipients of EIB support. There are many barriers to investment in transport infrastructure, vehicles and vessels. We support transport through loans, equity, guarantees and advisory.

    A sustainable transport system is:

    • Safe and secure
    • Accessible to all
    • Green
    • Efficient

    Our Transport Lending Policy applies to all EIB financing in the transport sector, and it is designed to ensure that the Bank’s activities in the transport sector are consistent with and support EU policies. The new Transport Lending Policy is aligned with the Climate Bank Roadmap framework, which will be reviewed in 2023.

    The Climate Bank Roadmap determines if projects in the transport sector, as well as other sectors, are eligible for EIB support. It sets out guiding principles and criteria to reinforce the Bank’s contribution to its sectors of activity and takes climate change and environmental concerns into account.

    The challenges facing the transport sector include:

    • Climate and environmental impact
    • Safety and security
    • Connectivity, equal accessibility and development
    • Digitalisation and automation
    • Sustainability of cities
    • Funding and financing



    Transport infrastructure must become climate resilient, adapt to the needs of clean vehicles and expand to meet future demand. This will require significant new investment.


    Current modes of transport, which depend on fossil fuels, need to be rapidly replaced by clean vehicles and vessels. Infrastructure to support greener transportation will also be necessary.

    Urban mobility

    Extra urban rail

    Extra urban roads

    Inland waterways

    Maritime transport

    Air transport

    Who contributed?

    The EIB’s direct mailings reached over 3 500 individuals and organisations.

    The EIB held bilateral meetings with institutional partners such as other European institutions and UN agencies.

    The Transport Lending Policy was adopted in July 2022 by the Board of Directors. The EIB Group conducted a public consultation on its Transport Lending Policy from July to October 2021. 

    The review of the Transport Lending Policy was an open and inclusive process, involving industry, institutions, civil society and the public at large.

    The Bank will review this lending policy in 2025.

    Key publications