EIB Investment Report

EIB Investment Report

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The EIB Investment Report is designed to serve as a monitoring tool providing a comprehensive overview of the developments and drivers of investment and its finance in the EU. It combines an analysis and understanding of key market trends and developments, with a more in-depth thematic focus. It brings together internal EIB analysis and collaborations with leading experts in the field.

The report incorporates the latest results from the annual EIB Investment Survey, covering some 12 500 firms across the EU and a wide spectrum of questions on corporate investment and investment finance.

What's new

EIB Investment report 2019/2020

The EIB Investment Report 2019/2020: accelerating Europe's transformation points out the threat of the economic slowdown to investment. Europe faces three historic challenges that must be addressed through reforms and more investment: revitalising the global competitiveness of the European economy, transitioning to a net-zero carbon economy, and ensuring that it really works for all European citizens.

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