Summer jobs for students

Summer jobs for students

The EIB offers a limited number of summer jobs for students during the period from June to September, from two to four weeks maximum providing the opportunity to experience working life and to earn some pocket money.

Students taking up these summer jobs provide general assistance in basic administrative tasks.

To be eligible, students must be aged from 18 to 25 inclusive and must still be attending an educational establishment. Students should live locally in Luxembourg or the surrounding areas or be able to secure accommodation at their own expenses, as the EIB does not offer relevant assistance.

Candidates are required to have a solid knowledge of English.

To ensure fairness, applicants are selected by drawing lots.

Candidates who are interested in a student summer job are invited to apply via the Bank’s website (selecting current vacancies and using “summer jobs” as the key word in the search or in the job families of the advanced search tool). Applications can be made between 1st and 13th March 2016 inclusive.

Applications from those who have worked as a summer student in the Bank in the last 3 years will not be taken in to consideration.

Students will be informed of the outcome by email by the end of April.

Please note that this should not to be confused with the EIB’s General Internship Programme.

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